Governance statafric

The Institute shall comprise the following bodies :

  1. The Board of Directors (Board);
  2. The Steering Committee;
  3. The Secretariat.

Board Composition and Tenure of Office

  1. The Board shall be the deliberative organ of STATAFRIC;
  2. The Board shall direct the overall policies of STATAFRIC and shall be responsible to the STC;
  3. The functions of the Board shall be to :
    • a) Provide strategic guidance for the Secretariat, in accordance with AU policies and procedures, including implementation of policies, guidelines and startegic priorities of STATAFRIC upon their adoption by the AU Policy Organs;
    • b) Examine and consider STATAFRIC Action Plan, budgets, activity and reports, and recommend the same for approval;
    • c) Examine decision and/or proposals submitted by the Secretariat, and submit its recommendations to the STC;
    • d) Propose amendments to this Statute based on recommendations by the Secretariat;
    • e) Develop its internal guidelines and rules of procedures in line with the relevant AU legal instruments;
    • f) Assist the Secretariat in resource mobilization to ensure that the Institute fulfills its mandate;
    • g) Establish strategic partnership with similar global institutions in accordance with AU rules and regulations;
    • h) Report to the Executive Council of the African Union through the Commission.
    • i) Elect its bureau in accordance with AU Rules;
  4. The Board shall be composed as follow:
    • a) Ten (10) Directors General of NSOs/NSIs, representing the five Regions of the AU, two (2) per region, with full voting powers;
    • b) One (1) representative of the AUC Chairperson (non-voting ex-officio);
    • c) One (1) representative of the Host Country, with full voting powers;
    • d) One (1) representative of the AUC Legal Counsel;
    • e) Four (4) Representatives from RECs on rotational basis for two (2) years (non-voting ex-officio);
    • f) One (1) representative from the Regional Organizations (African Development Bank, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, ACBF, AFRISTAT) as observers (non-voting ex-officio), ;
    • g) The Executive Director of STATAFRIC (non-voting ex-officio); and
    • h) The Executive Director of PANASTAT (non-voting ex-officio).
  5. The Legal Counsel of the AU Commission or her/his representative shall attend the Board meetings to provide legal advice as may be required.
  6. The Director of STATAFRIC shall serve as the Secretary of the Board.
  7. The Board may invite such expertise as may be necessary to participate to its sessions.
  8. The Bureau of the Board shall be composed as follows :
    • a) The Chairperson
    • b) Three (3) Vice Chairpersons; and
    • c) One (1) Rapporteur.

Steering Committee

  1. The Steering Committee of STATAFRIC shall be composed as follows :
    • a) The five (5) Members of the Bureau of the CoDGs;
    • b) Director of Strategic Planning of AUC
    • c) One (1) Representatives from each REC;
    • d) One (1) representative from each Regional Organization (African Development Bank, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, ACBF, AFRISTAT);
    • e) Five (5) Experts from Scientific and Research Institutions and Training Centres, Strategic Partners, International Organizations, Private Sector and Civil Society Organization;
    • f) The Executive Director of STATAFRIC; and
    • g) The Executive Director of PANASTAT.
  2. The Steering Committee shall be the technical advisory body for the Institute;
  3. The Steering Committee may invite any State, international, regional or sub-regional organization or institution which is not a member, to attend its meetings as Observer.


  1. The Secretariat, led by the Executive Director of STATAFRIC, shall be responsible for ensuring the implementation of the decisions of the Policy Organs of the Union, the STC and the board of STATAFRIC;
  2. The Director of STATAFRIC shall be the Chief Executive Officer of STATAFRIC who shall be assisted by the necessary and proper staff.
  3. The staff members of the Secretariat shall be recruited and shall hold positions in accordance with the African Union Staff Rules and Regulations.
  4. The structure of the Secretariat shall be determined in accordance with the rules and procedures in force in the African Union.
  5. The Secretariat shall :
    • a) Provide the efficient administrative and sectorial services to STATAFRIC;
    • b) Convene and servicing the meeting of the Board, the Steering Committee or other meetings of STATAFRIC;
    • c) Implement the decisions of the Board and the Steering Committee;
    • d) Draw up the annual draft program of work for the consideration and approval of the Board and subsequently by the STC and AU Policy Organs;
    • e) Draft, circulate and file Minutes of meetings and all other records of STATAFRIC;
    • f) Prepare and submit annual activity and financial reports to the Board;
    • g) Carry out any other functions assigned to it by the Board, the Steering Committee of the relevant organs of the African Union.