Since its adoption in Kampala, Uganda, in July 2010 by the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the African Union, the implementation of SHaSA 1 has been carried out by the different actors of the African Statistical System. Several problems have hampered the implementation of SHaSA 1 at the national level, including: a lack of political will; political and security issues; difficulty in financing statistical operations; lack of human resources in terms of quality and quantity; lack of technical capacity; and a lack of control over the use of new information and communication technologies in the production of statistics.

On the basis of this analysis, the updated SHaSA (SHaSA 2) is designed to provide users with quality harmonized statistical information in all areas of integration in order to foster better formulation and effective monitoring of integration and development, according to the timelines of the different agendas. Its overall objective is to contribute to the development of an integrated Africa that speaks with one voice – one that constitutes a dynamic force on the global arena.

1 - Strategic Vision

The vision of the African Statistical System has been defined as: "An efficient statistical system that generates reliable, harmonized and timely statistical information covering all dimensions of political, economic, social, environmental and cultural development and integration of Africa."

  1. The Vision is based on four strategic themes, which are to:
  2. Produce quality statistics for Africa;
  3. Coordinate the production of quality statistics for Africa;
  4. Develop sustainable institutional capacity in the African Statistical System;
  5. Promote a policy culture and quality decision-making.

2 - Strategic Objectives

SHaSA 2 aims to achieve the vision outlined above over the period 2017-2026 by pursuing the strategic themes and objectives.

Strategic themeObjectives

Strategic Theme 1

Produce quality statistics for Africa

Strategic Objective 1.1

Expand the statistical information base.

Strategic Objective 1.2

Transform existing statistics for comparability

Strategic Objective 1.3

Harmonize the standards and methods of statistical production

Strategic Theme 2

Coordinate the production of quality statistics for Africa

Strategic Objective 2.1

Establish effective coordination and collaboration mechanisms

Strategic Objective 2.2

Define statistical priorities for the implementation of integration and development agendas

Strategic Theme 3

Develop sustainable institutional capacities of the African Statistical System

Strategic Objective 3.1

Reform and enhance National Statistical Systems

Strategic Objective 3.2

Reform and enhance regional and continental statistical systems

Strategic Objective 3.3

Develop sustainable statistical capacities

Strategic Objective 3.4

Establish an effective technological environment

Strategic Theme 4

Promote a culture of quality policy and decision-making

Strategic Objective 4.1

Drive evidence-based decisions through the increased use of statistics

Strategic Objective 4.2

Improve the communication of statistical information

For a comprehensive matrix of themes, objectives, outcomes and indicators, please see chapter 5 of the unabridged SHaSA 2 document.

(link to document SHaSA 2)