STATAFRIC Explores African Statistical Capacity at the 9th African Investment and Trade Forum


Algiers, Algeria - The African Union Institute for Statistics (STATAFRIC) successfully participated in the 9th edition of the African Investment and Trade Forum, held in Algiers, Algeria,on May 16th and 17th, 2023, and organized by the Arab-African Center for Investment and Development (CAAID). This prominent event provided STATAFRIC with a unique platform to engage in an advocacy mission on statistics and promote the importance of data-driven decision-making in Africa.

As part of its overarching goal to enhance statistical capacity across the continent, STATAFRIC embarked on a mission to collect and aggregate data, ultimately producing vital statistics on investment, Statistical Business Registers (SBR), and trade for all 55 Member States of African Union (AU). This initiative aims to provide accurate and comprehensive information to policymakers, businesses, and other stakeholders, fostering evidence-based decision-making and economic growth in Africa.

During the forum, STATAFRIC capitalized on the opportunity to identify the additional needs of AU Member States in terms of investment indicators, Statistical Business Registers, and trade statistics. By understanding these requirements, STATAFRIC can tailor its efforts to address specific challenges faced by AU Member States, ultimately enhancing their statistical systems and bolstering their capacities.

Moreover, STATAFRIC held parallel meetings with the Customs Authority of Algeria to address the issue of trade data for Algeria. These discussions aimed to strengthen collaboration and streamline data collection and reporting processes, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of trade statistics for the country.

Additionally, STATAFRIC engaged with the National Statistics Office of Algeria to discuss the implementation of the Revised Strategy for the Harmonization of Statistics in Africa (SHaSA 2) and the ratification of the African Charter on Statistics. These critical conversations centered on aligning Algeria's statistical practices with regional frameworks and promoting harmonization across the continent, leading to improved data comparability and quality.

STATAFRIC remains committed to its mission of advancing statistical capacity in Africa, promoting the importance of statistics in policymaking, and empowering AU Member States with reliable and comprehensive data. Through collaborative efforts and ongoing engagements, STATAFRIC aims to strengthen statistical systems, drive economic development, and improve the lives of African citizens.