Launch of the Africa Migration Data Network


What: This event is aimed at launching the Africa Migration Data Network. The overall objectives of the Africa Migration Data Network are to promote a continental exchange of good practices on migration data issues, facilitate coordination and collaboration among members of the network in the implementation of migration data-related initiatives, and improve their effectiveness through dissemination and outreach.

When: 28 April 2021 | Start time: 11AM (GMT)

Where: A virtual event. To participate register here-

Who: The high level event is co-hosted by the African Union Commission, IOM, Statistics Sweden and OECD.


Producing reliable migration statistics is necessary for the implementation and monitoring of migration and development initiatives. Despite the progress made on migration statistics in Africa over the past decades, there are persistent gaps in the quantity and quality of the data collected by national and international actors; data may often not be disaggregated by basis characteristics such as sex and age; the data may well be collected but not properly and effectively analysed or disseminated; data sharing within and between countries may be limited. Issues of capacity and limited human or financial resources, lack of harmonization of common migration concepts and definitions, insufficient integration of different data sources and limited systematic collection, management, analysis and disaggregation continue to be some of the common challenges faced by many countries in Africa and beyond.

In this context, we propose to forge and foster a partnership at the continental level through the establishment of the Africa Migration Data Network (AMDN). The AMDN would be a network of migration focal points in National Statistical Offices (NSOs) and key migration-relevant ministries in each country in Africa.